Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wagyu Beef Sandwich

Husband and I made this for lunch on Saturday. We bought the Wagyu Beef patty from MMM the last time we were there. So since we were raiding the freezer for lunch ideas, we came across this nice little packet of beef. So out it came to feed our hungry appetites. 

We grilled the patties on the griddle, then buttered the bread and put it on the grill after. 
Whilst doing that, the potatoes were put into the oven to roast. Again, we tossed the potatoes with thyme, olive oil, salt and pepper and shoved it into the oven. 

To balance out the savoury, we made sweet caramelised onions to top off the sandwich.

Altogether, it was a very balanced tasting meal, there was iceberg lettuce, cheese, beef, onions and the buttered bread. It was really satisfying and quick to prepare. 

By now, i'm sure you realise making quick meals is what i like doing. I'm impatient and hate to wait for my food. Instant noodles are the last resort but sometimes you have to eat the crap to appreciate the good stuff.

Now have to go shopping for more meat to put into the freezer for another day of feasting.

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