Thursday, December 3, 2009

No meat friday - Prawn pasta

My version of neapolitan with Prawns. Fast to cook good to eat.
Out of hunger and desperation, i rummaged in my freezer for a non-meat item.
And lo and behold, i had grey prawns sitting there smiling at me.
Out they came, all 3 friends defrosting in a bowl of water. Awaiting to be sacrificed to yours truly.

Then as i was boiling the water and chopping the ingredients, the makings of the sauce started to formulate in my head. I guess it's called, "try-and-use-up-what-you-have-in-the-fridge and it's-raining,-I'm-not-stepping-out-for- anything syndrome.

this dish was easy peasy to make and prep time is quick.
While boiling the water, i chop the ingredients,
then after draining the pasta and retaining some of the liquid, I start to fry the ingredients.
because they're chopped up pretty fine, the cooking time takes about 5 mins in total. Then add in the tomato paste, milk yoghurt, salt, pepper and the herbs. Then throw in the cheese when you've tossed your pasta into the sauce and you're on your way to mum mum time.

Within 15 minutes, i was sitting down to my pasta.

nom nom nomnom....

beats instant noodles, that's for sure

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