Thursday, November 12, 2009

What was.

My husband and I went out for his birthday lunch. We decided to head to Greenwood Fish Market at Bukit Timah. They have a bistro attached which serves up their fresh seafood in a restaurant setting.
Getting there was misleading via GPS. Easiest way in is to go along dunman road and make a left into Hillcrest Rd.

It was a great meal. And I mean great in terms of quantity.
What you see in the picture is what's left after we decimated nearly 3/4 of the platter.

We ordered a fried calamari (it was yummy and substantial), and the Cold Seafood platter which arrived with :
- Half a lobster
- Mussels
- 1/2 dozen oysters
- Steamed clams
- Marinated octopus
- smoked salmon and caviar
- steamed prawns
- raw tuna salad
The seafood platter was reasonably priced, me thinks, at $79.
We ate till we were up to our nostrils in seafood.

we had also placed an order for aglo olio, you should have seen the face of the waitress and her exclamation of "It's quite a lot you know". We decided to place the order anyway, being the brave souls that we assumed ourselves to be.

Lo and behold, she was right.

After having the seafood, we had to either cancel or leave the place after we've had a nap. so we took the former option. Cowards that we finally realised we were.

Altogether, the food was fresh and the ambience is pretty nice. Not too stuffy and uppish.
For fresh oyster lovers, they have a tuesday promo of $1 oysters.
I probably would go back sometime, just not after that amount of seafood i consumed.
Think I've had my quota of iodine for the rest of the year.

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