Friday, November 20, 2009

Pepperoni - Bukit Timah

Last night's dinner- Pepperoni's
above - My reaction to the great food i had at Pepperoni's. They provide crayons to amuse kids (restless itchy handed adults too) and line the tables with sheets of paper. I just had to get my hands on the crayons. :)

The restaurant is located at greenwood Ave.
It seems like that food area is now my muse area to satisfy my ever increasing hunger for good food.

here's just a small sampling of what we had for mains.

We ordered a medium pizza with a half and half of 4 formaggi ( 4 cheeses) and Prosciutto with rocket. It was yummmmmm..... Husband had beef in red wine sauce linguine, I had the funghi and pollo linguine.
Since we had my siblings on hand to help, we also ordered a caprese, calamari and bruschetta. On top of that each of my siblings had their own pasta mains. ( i kept nicking my sister's squid ink pasta. It was very very appetising).

We ate, drank and rolled out satisfied at a job well done.
we managed to finish nearly all of it but for 2 slices of pizza which have been brought home as souvenirs from our feat.

The setting of the restaurant is comfortable, non-fussy, great to bring families to. Service staff are friendly and accomodating. Food arrives really quickly, even though the staff said the waiting time for pizza due to the crowds was gonna take 30min. It arrived within 20 min of our order. Parking is a bit hairy but doing a few rounds around the side lanes, you'll probably be able to find some place to chuck the car. The food is worth the trip. Trust me.

I will most definitely go back for more.

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