Friday, March 4, 2011


Potato Salad with home made Mayonnaise

Making Mayonnaise.... what can I say.
DAY 1 :
it was... Hell.
I tried the hand whisking method. My arm near fell off, but the egg just sat there in its oil bath smiling at me. just doing a back stroke in the pool of oil.
Then, I tried putting it in a blender and all i got was oily eggs.
Oil was splattered everywhere and my patience was at the end of its tether.

DAY 2 :
it was... Hell. at first.
I decided to switch to a hand held blender thingamajig.
and started off with the eggs, vinegar, oil.... Blend..... nothing.
was on the verge of throwing the whole thing against the wall, but knowing the only person who was doing the cleaning up was yours truly, I held back. (Wise.)
Then i just shoved the whole lot under my hot water flask, shot some hot water into the mixture while blending and suddenly the magic happened. When before i was cursing and swearing, I just stood there with a stupid grin on my face, like i'd just conquered the world.

All this over mayonnaise.

1 litre of oil later ( half in the trash and on my walls,  the other half in my tummy).
was it worth it?

Hell yeah.

Never going back to store bought mayo for a while.
As to what i put in, it was egg yolk, a splash of vinegar, loads of oil, and a splash of hot water.

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